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MP3 Musiq Review

Mp3 Musiq is one of the most popular download programs around. We like this program because it has a very easy to use members. The P2P network that this program uses is very fast and offers access to literally millions of songs. There are lots of movies, and lots of songs that you can download.

One of our favourite features are that you can download Unlimited music and you can have multiple song downloads happening at the same time. Many programs have a limit on how many songs you can download, and how many downloads you can have running at once. We were pleasently surprised that this site offers software to help keep your computer spyware and virus free, and the software is actually quite good.

Overall MP3 Musiq is one of our most recommended products if you are looknig for a great download program.

Our Recommendation

Our top two music download sites are very popular because they offer a great user experience once you join. Although learning how to install and use a P2P program isn't that difficult, some download sites don't explain how to get started in downloading. Also, the speed and quality of the songs on the MP3 Audio Station and Mp3 Musiq sites are of the best quality that we've found.

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